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Custom Lasercut Plywood Cutout

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If you'd like to purchase a laser cut cut-out of a specific design, you can skip the quote process and order directly!

Please read these instructions carefully, as jobs that don't meet the requirements may be delayed or cancelled.

1. Please select a size that your job can completely fit into. If you pick a smaller size than required your job may be canceled or delayed. For example, if you had a cutout sized 25cm x 20cm, you would need to select 25x25cm as the size. If you can't find a suitable size, please place a quote request on this page. For multiple cutouts of the same file, increase the quantity required.

2. Upload a .SVG file with your job. Each unique cutout (including different sizes of the same cutout) should be purchased and uploaded separately. The .SVG must be exported with all cuts coloured RED, and exported with a resolution of 96 DPI. We will cut exactly as is, and ONLY lines that are coloured RED. Images, or text and lines that are not RED, will not be cut. You may leave text notes in the file (as a non red colour) with the dimensions of each piece if you'd like us to check the sizing.

3. Laser cutting involves using high powered lasers to cut/burn through the material. It is normal and should be expected that a small amount of residue/burn marks will be left on/around the cuts. If you'd like us to use a masking material for cleaner cuts, please place a quote request on this page. You can always clean / sand off the residue or leave it as-is if the surface finish is not important for your use case.

4. This product includes no engraving or file modifications. If you'd like us to make changes to your files (for example, to convert a .JPG or .PNG to a .SVG) or engrave text/image on the pieces, please place a quote request on this page.